Us200sqMaggie and Nigel Percy have a lifelong love of reading and enjoy sharing their expertise through writing. Their nonfiction books mostly deal with dowsing, a natural intuitive skill, and related subjects like healing and space clearing.

Nigel and Maggie met in the year 2000. At that time, they were separated by an ocean–Nigel in the UK, Maggie in the US. By 2001, they were married and living in Arizona and had started their own consulting business. They specialized in using the intuitive skill dowsing and teaching it to students. Their favorite applications are health dowsing, space clearing and personal growth work.

Their education and experience gives them a unique perspective for their writing. Nigel’s degree from the UK is in history, and he has extensive experience in computing and philosophy as well. Maggie’s two degrees from the College of William & Mary are in Biology, and among her many jobs, she spent 14 years working at NASA, seven of them as senior scientist in the Advanced Aircraft Project.

Later in life around the time they met, they both became interested in metaphysical subjects and dove into them with great enthusiasm. This led them to meet through their mutual interest in dowsing. What they have learned has so transformed their lives that they delight in sharing through their books.

In 2021, Maggie and Nigel moved to the mountains of northern Georgia, where they continue to enjoy writing books on topics that capture their interest or offer an opportunity to help others through sharing or entertainment. They also love hosting an online dowsing community at

Maggie writes fiction under the name Maggie McPhee. Her Autumn In The Desert series is women’s fiction about life in a retirement community in Arizona during the 1990s and consists of four novels and a prequel novella. Visit her fiction author site here to find out more and get your free copy of the prequel.

Nigel writes fiction under the name Andrew Elgin. HisĀ Harmony series is science fiction with an intuitive flavor. Visit his fiction author site here and get a free copy of the prequel novelette.

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