As Amazon authors, we like to keep an eye on our author rank and the ranking and ratings of our nonfiction books. You can see by the graph that in our two plus years as published authors, our ranking has gone up steadily. The lowest rank we ever had was in 2014, at nearly 225,000. As you can see, though, our ranking soon got above 100,000 and pretty much stayed there. In 2016, our lowest ranking was about 80,000.

But cracking 20,000 is challenging. An article I read recently said 10,000 is the magic number. Get above that consistently, and you will perhaps make a living with your writing. I can believe that’s true. Our average is 40-50K at the time of this writing, and we are making a nice bit of pocket money each month, but we’d need ten times more than that to live off our writing. Which we would dearly love to do.

If you look at the graph, you see the upward trend has slowed, but the variation is less and less. That means that we are approaching a glass ceiling for writing the types of nonfiction books we do, and that we are doing well, but that going much higher will be a challenge. Unless we can reach a larger market, we can’t compete with other authors who are writing about broader, more popular topics. Especially fiction.

We have over a dozen books published on dowsing, and two more in the works. But we have no illusions that adding two more is going to make a big difference in our writing careers. The dowsing market is tiny. With luck, we will reach more people over time, but the topic is not of broad interest, so it doesn’t sell a lot of books. Our space clearing, animal care and health books could help us reach a larger group of people, but because there is more competition in those subjects, getting our books seen becomes problematic.

At this point, the best thing that could happen for us is if our current readers tell friends to buy our books. The trick there is that many dowsers are stealth dowsers and don’t have a big support network. But if you have friends who read and whom you think would enjoy our books, taking the time to point them at our books would be a great help to us in reaching a larger audience with our work.

We will continue to add nonfiction books to our offerings. We have hopes of adding one to two a year from now on. If you are a member of the Sixth Sense Books community, and you want us to keep writing, you can help our efforts by recommending that your friends buy our books. Word of mouth is the best way to succeed. And please feel free to let us know what you’d like us to write about. Of course, we can only write about topics we are experts in, but we are open to suggestions. So add them to the Comments below. And thanks for supporting Sixth Sense Books!

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