They say it takes a village, and nowhere is that more obvious than in getting a book published and marketed. Recent years have brought so many wonderful opportunities for authors to get published quickly, without selling their souls and without going through 57 rejections. Thanks to having the ability to self-publish, Nigel and I now have over a dozen nonfiction books selling on Amazon. We’re very pleased with that accomplishment.

But writing a book is only the first step in getting it read. Publishing and marketing are needed if you want to reach a large audience, as we do. That’s where the Sixth Sense Books community has stepped up to the plate. In our first crowdfunding event in January 2016, our community donated twice what we asked for and got some super, unique perks in return.

Our backers helped pay for all the expenses of publishing, including ISBNs, covers and other fees. They helped support us during the laborious formatting process. And they will be our first readers for the new book.

If you are a part of our community, thank you for all you do. If you are not yet part of the Sixth Sense Books community, join us by clicking the link on any page to get a free copy of our book “How To Dowse Accurately & With Confidence”. We’ll let you know about all promotions and launches.

In the coming months, we are embarking on publishing our first novels. We look forward to your participation, if you like reading fiction. Both Nigel and I have had lifelong desires to be writers, and this is a big step along that path, one I had thought I had given up long ago. It’s so wonderful to find exciting new directions after age 60!

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