Dowsing is a tiny niche market, and dowsers who like to read are an even smaller group. So we’ve been pretty pleased that the 15 nonfiction books we’ve written are doing pretty well on Amazon. Most of them are about dowsing or relate to dowsing, and we’ve enjoyed writing them.

As a reader, having seen the books we offer on this site and (hopefully) having read them, what are you interested in seeing us write a book about next? I currently am working on a book about the dowsing state, which I hope to publish later this year. Nigel has an idea about dowsing and mysticism that he’d like to write about. But we want to take your interests into account. You see, we’re kind of running out of ideas here.

What subjects that we haven’t written about, that we are qualified to write about, would you like to see us author books on? Please comment below and let us know how we can write books that will answer your questions, stimulate thought and inspire you to take action. If we can get a consensus on a subject we feel qualified to write about, we’ll commit to doing a book on that subject in the not too distant future.

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