In the nearly twenty years I’ve been dowsing, it’s become clear to me that there is a great deal of confusion about what dowsing is. If you google dowsing, you will see what I mean. There are many different definitions of dowsing, most of them inaccurate.

There are many reasons for the confusion in dowsing, but that’s a topic for another post. For now, the important point is that you get a clear picture of what dowsing really is. Because if you don’t, you won’t be able to tap into its amazing ability to improve your life.

Let’s start out by saying what dowsing is not. Dowsing is not a psychic power. Characterizing dowsing as a psychic ability has done way more harm than good in terms of getting more people to dowse. The fact is, anyone can learn to dowse.

Dowsing is simply the name for a natural human skill that is part of your normal human intuitive sensing array. Your brain works in conjunction with your physical senses to help you navigate through life. Dowsing allows you to use some of your intuitive senses and tap into the power of your heart for helping you make your life better. Heart and brain working together with physical and intuitive senses make for a powerful combination.

But remember, it’s a skill, and a skill requires practice and proper technique. Long ago before civilization became so complex and technologically advanced, people dowsed without even knowing it. But that natural affinity was wiped out, and now you have to relearn this natural skill.

Tools are widely used in dowsing, but we don’t think much of that. They’re basically crutches. You don’t need a tool to dowse. In fact, tool use can end up limiting how far you advance in the skill. It gives you tunnel vision.

Dowsing can help you harness the ability to know things your brain can’t know. Important and small things. Practical things that will improve your life. That is the fundamental reason you have this natural ability. Not as a game to play. But as a useful tool for making your life better. The sooner you see dowsing this way, the sooner you can master it and see the wonderful benefits in your life.

Our books all follow the theme of learning to dowse accurately and using it to improve your life. In addition to our books, you can find great online courses at our site Discovering Dowsing. We want to help you get the benefits of dowsing that most people are missing out on.

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